Emphasizing Quality and Control of Light at Night

DLC Blog

Building owners and managers curious about the possible impacts of their outdoor lighting can find an abundance of articles citing problems associated with too much or the wrong kind of light.

While outdoor illumination provides clear benefits in the form of better safety and navigation, claims of harm connected with artificial brightening of the night sky abound, from disrupting human sleep patterns and disorienting migratory birds to hindering astronomical research and wasting electricity.

To the latter point, for example, the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), reports that a third of all outdoor lighting in the US is wasted – largely by unshielded fixtures that allow light to spill where it’s not needed, costing an unnecessary $3.3 billion and responsible for 21 million tons of carbon emissions annually. Meanwhile, a study by the Sleep Research Society has found that “outdoor nighttime lights clearly impact human sleep and have consequences also on the…

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